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Category: Sleep Therapy

The ComfortFull 2 makes it easier for patients who breathe through the mouth while sleeping to comply with therapy and get a good night's rest.  Designed to provide comfort, seal, and support for users, the ComfortFull sits lower on the nose, eliminating pressure on the nose bridge. This lightweight, durable design delivers more comfort and a better seal than any full-face mask Respironics has ever produced.  


  • Polished clear cushion surface provides more secure seal without sacrificing comfort
  • Removable forehead support and pad adjust to match the angle of wearer's forehead
  • O2 valve for pressure measurement or bleed-in
  • Quick release easily disconnects hose from mask for greater nighttime mobility
  • Entrapment valve offers quick access to room air if pressure is less than 3 cm H2O
  • Ball-and-socket headgear attachment allows for freer movement and easy mask removal
  • Adjustable ComfortHeadgear and StabilitySelector help provide a more personalized fit
  • New cushion and faceplate

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