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Category: Asthma Management Products

AsthmaCheck offers patients the reliability of a highly accurate peak flow meter with the convenience of portability due to its small, compact design. AsthmaCheck's easy-grip handle directs hands away from the airflow path and ensures accurate measurements every time. Like all Respironics peak flow meters, it has a built-in three-zone management system and an easy-to-read scale which is suitable to all patients from young to old - 60 - 810 l/min

- Adjustable zones can be tailored to individual patient's needs and PEF patterns
- Mouthpiece is designed for comfort and compliance
- Three-zone management and easy-to-read numbers ensure accurate interpretation
- Sturdy, durable construction
- Top-rack dishwasher safe
- Easy-grip handle directs hands away from airflow path
- One meter for patients of all ages
- Meets or exceeds NAEPP technical guidelines based on the American Thoracic Society (ATS) "Standardization of   Spirometry: 1994 Update"

Performance Data
Accuracy: +/- 10% or 20 L/min., whichever is greater
Reproducibility: ≤5% or 10 L/min., whichever is greater
Interdevice Variability: ≤10% or 20 L/min., whichever is greater

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