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by AirSep
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Category: Respiratory

NewLife Elite is AirSep Corporation™ most economical line of stationary oxygen concentrators, delivering up to 5 lpm of therapeutic oxygen in home, hospital, clinical settings. With hundreds of thousands of units in daily use throughout the world, this low power consumption concentrator is known for high performance, easy maintenance,  unmatched reliability. (Flow lockdown and other unique features make this a concentrator of choice among todays patients and equipment providers.) Units are available with an optional oxygen monitor, an exclusive economy mode (only available with this option) provide the efficiency of a 3 lpm unit, as needed. The units can also be equipped with a pediatric flowmeter for use with infants and other patients prescribed for low liter flow. NewLife Elite Air Outlet option enables the unit to deliver medicated nebulizer treatments simultaneously while providing supplemental oxygen.

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 27.5 in. high x 16.5 in. wide x 14.5 in. deep
  • Weight: 54 lb (24.5 kg)

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