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Ambulation Gait Belt

To help with safe travailing while helping your back.

Cervical Foam Neck Rolls

For cervical and sacral discomfort these pillows provide stability and homeostasis. Its machine washable ...

Convoluted Ring Cushion 16" Diameter

The Convoluted Ring Cushion is a ring-shaped seat cushion designed for use by individuals at risk ...

Long Handle Shoe Horn

Helps people with a limited range of motion slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels or crushing ...

Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

To help improve your circulation and minor to major back pain. This pillow was designed for a ...

Pulley Exerciser set

Designed to exercise upper body extremities easily and safely. Exercise Pulley Set - Over The ...

Transfer Board - Oak

Transfer Board makes it easy for the elderly or patients to get into bed from a wheelchair.

Transfer Board - White Plastic

Heavy duty plastic and is easy to use. Helping people get from the wheelchair to the bed or ...